Sustainable street lighting doubles as outdoor seating for the passersby

street lightning  01

Macedonian designer Darko Kostevski has come up with a smart yet sustainable street lighting project that other than lighting the parks, bicycle paths, or a walkway doubles as outdoor seating for the passersby. Entitled “Jupiter” due to its ring shape, the lighting features the frame finished in aluminum, seats and the red back fenders in ABS high gloss plastic and lamp as well as mirror in glass. Integrating solar panels in the form of a ring at the top, the street light harnesses solar energy and converts it in electricity for illumination. In addition, the eco-friendly lighting locates a mirror on the bottom of the ring to spread the reflection of the light on the ground.

street lightning  06
street lightning  07
street lightning  04
street lightning  02
street lightning  03
street lightning  05

[Cheers Darko]

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