Sustainable ‘Farm Tower’ in London offers a solution to food crisis

Farm Tower in London

The “London Farm Tower” is an amazing concept by Brandon Martella and is situated on the southern bank of the river Thames, facing Potter’s Field. This sustainable building is a solution to the present day crisis where population is growing by millions, urbanization is eating up all the agricultural land and therefore the increasing demand for food cannot be met. The Farm Tower is a compact skyscraper that contains all the main ingredients for a self-sufficient city, including agricultural space, albeit in a vertical format. This sustainable building is actually developed much like a tree that depends upon the sun and water for growth and survival.

This multi-story self-sufficient structure is designed to fulfill energy, food and other requirements internally. Most importantly, the vertical agricultural system in the building would supply fresh produce without being affected by seasonal changes or natural disasters like floods and droughts. Furthermore, agriculture would be eco friendly as tractors and other heavy vehicles, which lead to CO2 emission, would not be required. The Farm tower can actually produce around 1 1/2 million pounds of fresh produce and cater to the food demands of 20% percent of Londoners!

The reduction in water consumption and rainwater harvesting within the tower would cater to the residential, commercial and agricultural water requirements. The building will have social benefits for the residents like education and employment, labs, cafes and markets, apart from the 100,000sqm dedicated to residential space alone.

The structure is naturally ventilated through axis turbines that are a part of the outer structure of the building and through cross ventilation by placing louvers and operable windows for optimum results. The hydroponic floors of the building have a hydronic system in which moisture cause by the greenhouse air is condensed via ETFE pillows and then this water is brought down by gravity into the hydroponic racks.

Sustainability is the order of the day and architects make sure to incorporate green elements to maintain equilibrium with nature. There is an open steel grating that defines each farming level or floor in order to facilitate cooling. The Farm Tower looks magnificent at night when it is illuminated – posing a stark contrast between the Potter’s Field burial area and itself. Other sustainable features include the usage of UV lighting in order to increasing produce growth.This building is an amazing piece of vertical and sustainable architecture where nature and architecture work hand in hand!

Via: eVolo

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