Seven sustainable computer concepts for green computing

Sustainable computer concept

“Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It moves from one form to another.” This statement has been the inspiration for a new breed of PCs that are making an appearance on the global scene. These computers arrive with features and looks that will stun everybody. Here we present seven PC concepts that are clean, green and recyclable, with a promise that each one will amaze you more than the one before.

1. Compaq EOS sustainable desktop

Compaq EOS

This compact desktop PC, designed by Cody Stonerock, seems to finally allude to its name “Compaq”! Completely made from recycled aluminum and bio degradable resins by HP, the PC has been made specially for the low cost desktop market. All the components fit in as modules. There are no screws or fasteners in this system. All the modules just snap fit into each other. Though the PC features a few components and only a basic computing power, it is really high on the ‘green’ level and has an almost nil carbon footprint. The modular design also makes it very easy for the user to separate the defective component and ship it back to the company. These components are then recycled by the company. The keyboard attaches magnetically behind the monitor for easy storage.

2. Igglu modular PC concept


This concept looks like a modern book rack. Though it is actually a PC, updating it is as easy as replacing books in a shelf! Surprised? Here, the hard drives, optical drives, PCl drives, graphics cards and the RAM are all located as ‘books’ on this ‘bookshelf’ PC. Whenever you want to modernize or upgrade a component, simply take it off the ‘shelf’ and add the new one. The old component is sent back to the company for recycling. The Igglu, thus, is an improvement over the previous concept in the fact that, it can be upgraded into an advanced PC also. The PC has been color coded for ease of replacements. It is also designed for maximum energy efficiency and resource usage.

3. ‘Bento’ solar-powered concept computing system


With synergy, seamlessness and sustainability as the watchwords, a US-based product designer has come up with the new concept for a computing system. What you see is the 15-inch OLED screen display and docking space for a notebook, a smartphone and a tablet PC. Each of these are run by Li ion batteries which get recharged by solar power. The computing systems come integrated with solar panels and a 1TB hard drive. Like the previous concept, it is built in the modular form and can be easily upgraded. The solar charging is an added advantage. The stored content can be transferred by simply docking two storage units together.

4. Sustainable computer ‘Froot’


The Froot was submitted as an entry by designer Paulina Carlos for the DELL Regeneration Green Computing Technology Contest. This concept goes one more notch above all the previous concepts examined till now. Bio degradable starch-based polymers constitute the ‘main frame’ and can be recycled along with the electrical components that are part of it. But here is the unique aspect; the Froot uses high-end laser and projecting technology to beam a screen on the wall and a keyboard in front of you! The ‘light’ keyboard acts like a normal keyboard and the screen can be projected on any material. Thus, the need for a separate screen and keyboard is also eliminated while the ergonomics of the same are not.

5. EVO PC Concept

EVO PC Concept

The first glance at this device will make you wonder as to how can this ever be a PC. The PC here consists of two parts. The first is an EVO client module which sits on the second part which is a docking unit for this module. The client has low processing power, low memory and low RAM. The magic happens when it links to a remote EVA server via the broadband internet through the base unit. The server does the actual computing and this accesses to the EVO remote computing device, which comes at a fee to the customer, and also ensures that you only need to have this compact and elegant EVO client. Needless to say, this little client is completely recyclable and the company takes it back while providing a replacement.

6. Recyclable paper laptop

Recyclable paper laptop

After we have witnessed the paper thin computers and paper light computers, it is the turn to welcome the paper computer! The entire computer has been built of recycled, thick paper. This is the creation of designer, Je Sung Park. Thus, the problem of e-waste in now completely gone! Recycling the parts also is no issue, as they can be easily removed and sent to the company. You only have the fear of tearing your laptop!

7. LOOP – Ecofriendly desktop computer


Our final entrant in this list has been inspired by nature and is extremely nature friendly! The LOOP uses an imaginative ‘usage concept’ too along with its ‘design concept’. We have come across the design concept before, where the PC is made modular with components that you can upgrade. Now, hear the fantastic usage concept; Dell has decided to rent out the components! Yes! With the upgrades in the PC world arriving almost on a weekly basis, it does not make sense to make regular purchases. Instead, you can hire the latest components from the parent company and they take back the old components for recycling and reuse! The LOOP comes in warm tones and a cool look. No screws go into the assembly and thus it can be assembled in about 30 seconds flat! It is compact and has a design borrowed from the cactus leaves. Overall, it is green and will make your neighbors go ‘green’ too!

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