Sustainable ‘City Tower’ gives a facelift to Rotterdam

rotterdam citytower 04
Modern architecture is great in more than one way. Contemporary buildings boasting unique construction not only give a facelift to a city or place, but also meet most of their water and energy requirements by harnessing the natural resources. Conferring the Rotterdam with a contemporary high-rise, the Dutch architecture firm Monolab has come up with a tower that presents a phenomenal structure, apart from its practical design. Located in the Maas Harbor, the “City Tower” connects to the land through a series of walkways where. Standing tall at 450 m, the building makes use photovoll glass in its facade, harnessing solar energy to fulfill the energy requirements. Housing a combination of office, residential and special commercial programming, including observation decks, gym and restaurants, the Rotterdam city tower places elevators and stairs in the outer part, giving more space for other facilities.

rotterdam citytower 01
rotterdam citytower 02
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Via: Designboom

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