Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower instigating urban makeover

Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower

The concept

Creating a marvelous structure which is simply breathtaking and is unique requires enormous talent. Throughout the world, people have created and are creating mind-boggling attractions that touch the sky. Recently, a new concept has been planned in Taiwan which enhances the value of the country due to a newly designed astonishing structure named as the Taiwan Tower. It’s a circular tower which is designed by STL Architects. This tower highlights the character of the city of Taichung as it is the tallest structure in the city. It provides eye catchy panoramic views of the city through its observatory desk. The Taiwan Tower will represent itself as a monumental building and will offer an iconic identity to the city. The design has been planned to strengthen the feeling of identity of people towards Taichung. The tower boasts various sections which can be accessed from the bottom of it.

The creation of this building is an attempt to mark its presence into a new technological era. Technically, this tower has been planned to resist the strong force of the wind. A preliminary analysis of this tower highlights that the modal frequencies of the ring is the reason for the tower to move in all directions – side to side, twisting and forward and back. To stop this movement, the bottom of this tower has been thickened for more firmness. It boasts systems for renewable energy and achieves lighter and more permeable features.

The inspiration

Always there should be at least one thing that could inspire people to think differently and uniquely. In views of drawing more and more tourists and visitors for the increase in economy of the country, the city has received such a huge masterpiece. When it comes to inspiration, this tower has become a part of sustainable design to help reduce the need of mechanical heating as well as cooling. Due to this approach, the city saves enormous amount of energy which should have spend additionally after the development of this remarkable attraction. The vision of the architects is the perfect element to fulfill the requirements of people from various sectors.

Where we are now?

Creating such an amazing work of art requires enough time to build in a perfect way. This tower so far has only been planned. This will take another few years to develop entirely as a pride of the nation and people. This concept will become a futuristic approach and will enormously increase the demand for the architecture. No doubt, this tower is not the only sustainable design across the globe. Many existing and recognizable sustainable designs can be found in various fields. However, in the case of architecture, this design would be an extra-ordinary concept to rule the world.

What makes it stand out?

The best part which makes this tower more attractive is its skin which gets pixilated with the sparkling openings in the planned as well as occupiable zones. The central area is permeable for the openings where visitors experience something that they have never dreamt in their life. The degradation of the openings which vary between 20% and 60% is made to attain highest rate of lightness to bring the most of brightness in the central part of the tower. This enables the design to become a bit lighter since the central part holds lesser materials and saves more energy. Another salient feature of this tower is its design which has been meticulously planned to withstand the dynamic force of the wind during harsh weather condition. The thickness and arrangement of the beams which are planned to use to create this structure offers higher levels of rigidity at the foundation so that the ring could stand without getting imbalanced. In fact, horizontal arrangement has been done without obscuring the views at the top. The planned and occupiable parts of the tower boast double skin. With no glazing at the openings, the central zone has received permeable feature whereas, the vertical structure and outer skin is the precise composition.

Where do we go from here?

Developing innovative and green designs is not that easy. The concept is very effective only if it’s build in the way it has been planned with additional factors. As it’s still a concept, more changes can be found in it to enhance the value. Once this tower builds up, people not only be able to view the entire city touching every corner of the sky, but will also mold themselves with the green strategies to contribute in saving the environment.

Related trends

Such unique designs are highly in demand, especially the deployment of green strategies. Below listed are five related trends which boasts amazing settings that provide opportunities to witness the glory of their respective cities.

1. Farm Tower

Farm Tower

This London Farm Tower is an amazing concept that comes under the sustainable building. It’s a compact skyscraper with all significant ingredients to say that the city is self-sufficient including agriculture. This multi-storied structure is planned to cater energy, food and other requirements.

2. LO2P Giant Green Ferris Wheel Recycling Center


This skyscraper is in the competition to become amongst the most amazing and unique designs planned with green factors for better results. This giant Ferris Wheel has received green color and boasts concepts that are completely out of this world. It’s a giant greenhouse build up of recycled cars’ parts. Inside the wheel, a wind turbine has been created to serve as powerful bio-lungs for polluted city.

3. Sustainable City Tower

City Tower

Another sustainable concept with unbelievably elevated building. It’s a modern architecture and fulfills high amount of water and energy requirements of the city through the process of harnessing the natural resources. It’s a Dutch architecture firm named Monolab that has presented a phenomenal structure by accommodating residential and special commercial programming, a merge of house and office, observation decks and restaurants and gym.

4. Graft Tower

Graft tower

This sustainable concept structure is based on hydroponics for the promotion of self-sufficiency. From inside, it literally seems like a tree house with fascinating designs which entice every person. This building is made of organic materials and lives on the natural resources, growing and spreading before it is grafted again to the main tower.

5. Vertical Theme Park

Vertical theme Park

This eye-catchy theme park features sustainable facility which is powered by renewable energy. As the availability of land is depleting for farming, this modern structure has been designed to meet all the growing needs by dwelling in the sky. The sustainable building harvests solar as well as other green energy sources along with harvests rainwater and recycled waste.

About the designer

The designer of this giant attraction is STL, a collaborative group of design professionals. It has formed with an ordinary vision and a passion for planning, designing and architecture. The STL Group was founded in 1996 by Tracy Susanne Salvia, Jose Luis de la Fuenta and Luis Collado. Today, STL has become one of the premier architectural companies in Chicago. As the founders of this firm believe that good architecture develop through modest, team based efforts, the office has been set up in an open as well as communicative atmosphere. This enables the firm to come up with cohesive plans and direct benefits of projects.

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