Sustainable BBQ grills to ensure green cooking

One of the finest aspects of cooking and dining outside is to enjoy the nature with friends and family. But, while cooking we should make sure to use eco friendly grills that does not actually hampers the environment. Grills with green solution should be used instead of fossil fuel grills. For all the food lovers and eco friendly people, we have the collection of seven eco friendly BBQ grills to boost their spirit and make you think and act in a greener way.

Helios solar grill

Helios solar grill uses solar energy to cook your favorite dish. It charms the people with its innovative solution and unique design. Its reflective parabolic dish absorbs the heat from the sunlight and then the heat energy is transmitted towards the receptors. The receptors heat the coil and the food is cooked by the heat. When sun light is not sufficient, it is also featured with an electrical option and retractable plug is attached to the solar cooker.

Hyro-que grill

Can water cook food? Well yes, the hydro-que uses water to cook food. It is hydrogen powered grill that uses a new eco friendly concept and avoid using charcoal or propane. The price of this sizzling grill is reasonable with its fuel saving efficiency and costs $495.

Wood flame

The wood flame grill is an awesome grill that offers charcoal and propane free collection. It works on wood flame and electric power too. 4D batteries and AC or DC source is required for electric energy. Although burning wood harms the environment but according to the company it is good for health. A small piece of hardwood is required for cooking food.

The green egg grill

The name suggests the shape of this fabulous egg shaped designed ceramic BBQ grill. These grills do not use electricity but uses charcoal or wood. There are five different versions of this grill offering different sizes and selection of natural or electric fire starters by the company.

Corn burning grill

Corn burning grill are portable and eco friendly powered by renewable fuels. This grill is easy to clean and it is manageable in the balconies or any small area without the fear of fire.

Kamado grills

Kamado grill is another eco friendly BBQ grill which uses electric energy. It is a ceramic cooker that uses alternative solutions other than fossil fuels. Kamado grills are handy and energy efficient models. Its superb design can be part of the house decoration which can be placed indoor or outdoor.

FlameDisk grilling

FlameDisk is another sizzling eco friendly grill by Ugo that uses plant based ethanol to cook food. FlameDisk offers the green solution instead of using filthy charcoal. It works with the traditional cookers and takes around 40 minutes to prepare your favorite dish and after 10 minutes of cooling it can be recycled.

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