Superior watch with futuristic but impractical design

superior main 7luCC 17649

Everything about this watch is cool, very cool indeed, until you want to actually read the time. The Superior watch is made from Tungsten Carbide, one of the toughest substances in industry, and features a magnetic strap lock. The strap locks peculiarly at the top, instead of the conventional bottom. Now here’s where it gets trick: The only displays on this watch are the twelve dots on the face, six on each side of the strap. We’d assume each dot stands for one hour, but then how would we guess the minutes (forget about reading the dates). The time has to be read based on a chart that looks like Morse Code encryption, where one or two dots are lit at a time on the hour side, while for the minutes, one to six dots can be lit, with each dot standing for a ten-minute interval. So in addition to being very complicated, its also not very accurate, giving time to the nearest ten minutes only. I guess the oddness of this watch is permissible, since it is only a concept, and any production formats would have to feature easier reading systems. However, this concept is bound to catch the eye of tech-savvy collectors, who would be much enthralled by its space-age characteristics.

superior 04 2dhDE 17649

superior 03 YLZzu 17649

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