Super Yacht Concept presents a true picture of luxury

Superyacht Concept by Gary John

Yacht is a symbol of luxury and is an apt way to explore the ocean. To take you away from the hustle bustle of city life, Gary John has come up with a Super Yacht Concept. The shape is quite unique and will make people burn with envy.

Super Yacht Concept

It has a curvy roof, which is a rare sight when yachts are mentioned. A clear glass wall divides the inside from the outside in a neat manner. Various moods are created with the help of changing shadows throughout the day, thanks to the bold body plus the minimalistic designing of roof and hull. The main walkway leads to the lounge area of the yacht, which has been placed at the stern. Cedar wood rules the whole designing, lending it a poised sophistication. The deck also comes caked with burnt cedar and has a chamfer finish.

Need some time to relax, then simply move towards the sunning and lounge deck. Sunbathe or simply soothe those tensed nerves, the lounging area won’t disappoint you at all. It comes complete with plush seating arrangement and a table that seems to rise from the surface of the deck. Feel like taking a dive in the deep ocean? Simply, anchor up the vessel and follow the steps going down the swimming deck for a marvelous experience. Special attention has been paid while designing the handrails as well.

Super Yacht Concept, with such amazing features, is like a dream to posses. Its sumptuous designing will make time spent away from the polluted world truly remarkable.

[Cheers Gary]

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