Super smart earphones switch channels when worn in wrong ear

Way back when earphones were first introduced, the general public was made to believe that their lives were going to be simplified forever and listening to music would be as simple as plugging the phones into the Walkman and pressing the play button. But like most things in life, this too was too good to be true and people who paid good bucks for the portable cassette player and pricey headphones soon discovered that they were stuck with one critical problem forever that was if you put the earphones meant for the left ear in the right ear, the sound of the music came out just plain wrong.

Self-aware headphones switch channels

Though the music and earphone making industry has progressed much since, but the problem of earphones and wrong channels still remains. The good news for music aficionados, however, is that the Science and Technology Agency based in Japan has now created a set of earphones that are smart enough to detect which ear they are placed in and can change channels automatically to deliver the best music experience to the customer.

Each earphone in the Universal Earphones Project is fitted with a unique proximity sensor which is capable of discerning which ear it’s about to be popped into. By sensing what ear it’s going into, the smart earphone automatically switches the channel to deliver the best quality music to your ears.

And that’s not all. The Universal Earphones Project also found a novel solution to the problem of earphones not performing optimally when you share your earphones with a friend and its super smart sensors even recognize when they are being fitted into two ears that belong to different people and automatically converts the sound into a mono mix to both earphone speaker so you don’t miss out on the beats that your friend gets.

Via: Engadget

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