Super-naked Bike ‘Ostoure’ offers a muscular ride

ostoure the super naked bike 03

Inspired by designs of Persepolis, designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie has come up with a motorcycle concept that features two-wheel-drive system and hydraulic suspensions with pro-link springs to allow safe and comfortable ride. Dubbed “Ostoure” (meaning Legend in Persian), the Super-naked Bike despite its rough class presents a delicate design. The unusual suspension of front wheel requires the bike include two additional radiators on both sides to support the central radiator. The futuristic motorbike integrates two optional indicators, one on its head and the other is HUD indicator, embedded in the helmet, which flaunts speakers, AC system and Bluetooth connectivity as well. The Ostoure generates commands from a module devised on right side of the handle bar, as if the rider is steering an airplane.

ostoure the super naked bike 02
ostoure the super naked bike 04
ostoure the super naked bike 05
ostoure the super naked bike 01

Via: Productdesignforums

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