Seven super cool DIY cases for your iPhone/iPod Touch

DIY cases for your iPhone iPod

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone or an iPod and do not want to spend heavy amounts on their cases, then this is the right place for you. This article will show you various ways to build your own crazy iPod and iPhone cases to hang around with. These DIY iPhone/iPod cases are made of very cheap and affordable materials available at your home or nearest shop. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ingredients and start making one.

1. Print Away Case

Print Away Case

When it comes to DIY, people are worried about the hassles of working with glue, stitches, staples and similar kind of things. But when we are dealing with Print Away Cases you need not think of any of the above things. The pre-requisites to make these cases is just a printable iPhone case pattern which you can get here and with that you are ready to go. Print the pattern on any type of paper using your printer and use a stiff fabric to make the case by folding it along the lines given (solid lines means a cut and dotted means a fold). The outer part of the case can be decorated with designs, crayons or a print.

2. iPhone case from juice boxes

Juice Boxes Case

Imagine an iPhone/iPod case made entirely of recycled juice boxes. Well, it is quite imaginable because of the hardness of the material used in making the boxes. It will definitely provide protection to the gadget up to a certain level. Your gadget disguised as something less expensive inside these. They are chic, sleek and funky and are suitable for your iPod, digital camera or any other gear. You can put a velvet lining inside to add an extra protection from scratches to your gadget.

3. DIY Bacon iPhone/iPod Touch Case

Bacon Case

Speaking about the people who love to eat a lot or love to play with multicolored fabrics, the Bacon iPhone case would be their best choice. It looks like a layer of bacon is used in making the case. The fabric is also very fluffy and provides cushion for the gadget inside. There are various random designs on this one like a pork’s bacon layer which resembles it to the bacon and these type of cases are right now on sale for about 25 Euros in Germany. They look trendy and they are cheap and even more cheaper if you make it yourself.

4. iPhone Gameboy casemod

Gameboy casemod

This case is made for those who want to make their iPhone appear as a different gadget and this one is which is looking like a Gameboy has disguised an iPhone in it. Just download the gadgets template interface and take print out of it. Adjust the print-out according to your iPhone inside the transparent cover and bang!, your iPhone looks like a Gameboy inside the case. To download the above template go here.

5. DIY iPhone Case Made from Jeans

Case Made from Jeans

This one is way more easier and cheaper than the others if you have a spare old jeans on your closet. And if a belt loop is added to it then it would look like an extension of your jeans. The label is added to make it look like a standard casing made especially for iPhone. You just have to take out that part of your jeans which is having the logo, most of the times it is the back upper side of your jeans, and sew it according to the dimensions of your gadget.

6. DIY Leather iPhone Case

Leather iPhone Case

Most of us prefer leather cases to be the most trustworthy for our cellphones and they are available for that purpose in the market too, but this is a DIY session so we will make something which is similar to that and that also in a very affordable way. For the purpose of making a similar one, you first make a cardboard box with approximate dimensions of your iPhone and wrap it up all around with tape. This is done so as to keep it steady and save it from spoiling due to water, as water is to be used to mold the leather for the casing. Cut out two rough shapes of leather with an extra edge of 20mm. Soak them in water for a while till its color darkens. Press them with anything from the edges while keeping them over the cardboard box and then sew it from the edge giving the iPhone enough space to get in. Trim the extra leather afterward.

7. Groundhog Day iPhone Case

Groundhog Day case

This one seems the cutest in the series. You can make one of it too. You will just need felt [brown and gray or black) and an embroidery floss. You’ll also need some basic tools like paper, scissors, pencil, needle and pins. The procedure is quite similar to the above ones which results in giving you a vary cute and handy iPhone and iPod case.

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