Sun flower, solar cell street lamp sans external power supplies

solar cell street lamp 01

Designed by Danish designers Michel Riss and Jens Rosbjerg, the “Sun flower” is a high intensity, low consumption solar cell streetlight that illuminates public areas, such as parking areas, gardens and streets, in a sustainable manner. Completely autonomous from external power supplies, the sustainable streetlight integrates five photovoltaic modules on top to harness solar power and store in a battery to power five 56 W LED lamps. The LED lamps emit white light and have an average lifetime of 50,000 hours to last over 10 years. The street lamp also features an integral daylight light sensor that automatically controls the on/off function. In case of a single LED breakdown, all other LED modules continue to work and illuminate streets at night.

solar cell street lamp 02
solar cell street lamp 03
solar cell street lamp 04

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