Folding Bicycle is a safe ride for your luggage

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Transporting your luggage on a bicycle is possibly the hardest of all feats and I am sure that for many of you it will be the very last option! Balancing a two-wheeler is a challenge in itself, and to top it with riding the same with a suitcase- no way!However, that vehement no, might just turn into a yes, once you lay eyes on this Suitcase Folding Bicycle, which will not only allow you to enjoy the bike ride but will also drive your luggage safely home. Featuring foam-free high inflatable tires that are completely free from leakage problems and a built-in speaker system, the Suitcase Folding Bicycle comes with folding pedal and handle design. The unit is as light as 8-9 KG in weight and even kids can control it with ease.

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Design Status:

The Suitcase Folding Bicycle is a ready product available for sale.


The Suitcase Folding Bicycle is easy and brisk to operate. You may effortlessly wrap and unfold the unit within 10 seconds. Operating the Suitcase Folding Bicycle is a fun activity for kids, who most of the time keeps away from heavy luggage and bags, and it also keeps the stuff safe within the hard container.

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Happy bike.

  1. Davis

    Hi…. nice design but where to buy this bike and how much is it?

    September 11th, 2013 // Reply

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