Subeo lets you discover the seabed individually

subeo 01

The seabed with its rich, wide-ranging aquatic life has always been a center of attraction for not only the zoologists but also the average visitors. Conceived by designer Allan George, the “Subeo” is an individual submersible that takes you about five meters under the water to discover the marine life at the seabed. Launched from a platform floating on the water surface, the Subeo integrates a six-liter oxygen bottle that lets the diver remain under water for about 20 minutes. Generating power from two motors of 180W backed by two Li-ion batteries, the submarine follows intuitive commands and allows easy controls for a safe and comfortable diving. If you are an aquaphobic, you may simply follow and enjoy the activities going on in the seabed from the platform.

subeo 02
subeo 03
subeo 04

Via: Allan George

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