Six stylish gadgets and accessories for photographers

Stylish gadgets and accessories for photographers

Photographers often have to travel to exotic locations, work with glamorous models, and photograph trend-setting objects of desire. The photographers’ tools and toolkit have traditionally been approached with an utilitarian focus by designers and manufacturers. However, this trend seems to be changing with more gadgets and accessories being designed and launched with style as an important aspect. Here is a look at six stylish gadgets and accessories for photographers of today.

1. Solar Powered Strap

Solar powered strap
This fashionable white and dark blue design by Weng Jie uses flexible photovoltaic film panels and two storage batteries to power your camera using solar power. Given the enduring trend of photographers using broad and thick straps for their professional equipment, this adds a dash of fashion while using the sun’s energy to deliver power. It comes with a DC power output jack, which means it can be used to power the camera though not charge the batteries in them.
2. Kodak 1881 Pocket Locket

Kodak 1881 Pocket Locket
This design by Lindsey Pickett capitalizes on the nostalgia factor by packing a digital camera into a circular locket that opens up to display your favorite photograph. What is more fun is that it can also be used to take photographs by just aiming the locket and tapping on it. The photo display doubles up as the LCD screen for viewing and framing your shots. You can wear it around your neck or carry it in your pocket.
3. Biopod Tripod Concept

Biopod Tripod Concept
One of the greatest challenges for photographers needing a steady shot or a long exposure in uneven terrain is the difficulty of positioning a standard tripod. While monopods and bipods are useful, they do not give the stability for shots in low light or shots needing longer exposure times. The grasshopper-like Biopod Tripod concept by the internationally acclaimed bicycle design specialist, Morteza Faghihi, uses positioning and stabilization principles to allow photographers to go as low as 3 inches off the ground, as well as get a stable platform on the most uneven of surfaces.
4. Yang Ying Digital Camera

Yang Ying Digital Camera
Kubasek Krzysztof has come up with this unique design that captures the essential philosophy of the harmony of opposites. Using the traditional yin and yang symbols of male and female energy, he has come up with a camera design that is made up of two teardrop halves that come together to make the circle shaped camera. One half comes with the memory storage and an USB jack. The other half has the lens and the LCD display. You can offload your pics from the storage onto your computer directly without the need for additional cables by plugging the memory half of the camera into your computer’s USB port.
5. The Artefact WVIL Camera

Artefact WVIL camera
This design from Artefact aims to bring together the best of smartphone technology with the best of the prosumer camera segment. The WVIL stands for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. This concept basically allows you to free up the lens from the viewfinder and be able to see the display wirelessly. Though it looks very unconventional, sort of like a cell phone stuck at the end of a lens, it offers a touchscreen based viewfinder that uses high quality interchangeable lenses that have their own image sensors, power and memroy. So you can set up these lenses wherever you want and access them remotely using the wireless platform.
6. Nova DSLR

This camera is designed by the industrial designer Eric Fong. The traditional form of the camera has not undergone a great deal of innovation in spite of wet films giving way to the digital format. Eric Fong uses this to his advantage by changing the body design and replacing the standard box with two rotating arms mounted at the end of the lens. These can be used on both sides interchangeably to accommodate left and right handed photographers, as well as combined at the center into a single handle. An interesting form factor innovation from this creative designer.

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