Stunning Bracelet watch reveals time in blocks

A unique concept of Bracelet watch that tells time in blocks has been designed by Jeffery, a designer from Netherlands. This wristwatch is slim, classy and stylish with exciting display. This interesting thing is in style of bracelet, that uses distinct blocks for hours and minutes to showcase the time. The design is quite simple and trendy for today’s generation. Even time telling is not very hard in this concept watch, in fact the idea of guessing time and date in form of blocks is quite exciting and modern.

Bracelet Watch

The display of time in bracelet watch is done by counting different blocks for hours, minutes and seconds. Jeffery created four large blocks( 2 blocks for AM and 2 blocks for PM) for 6 hours. These blocks indicate the difference in AM and PM. For simple calculation of time he created another 12 blocks for hours divided into four groups of 3 hours each. These blocks are further divided into 60 blocks to calculate minutes and seconds. Each hour is divided into a group of five of 12 minutes. The idea of using blocks for calculating hours, minutes and seconds makes this bracelet watch an exciting and thrilling invention.

The bracelet watch with blocks of time is unique in concept with simple time telling. It is not a sci-fi product. It is an elegant design that requires little effort and understanding. The watch is contemporary and cool gadget for youngsters. These types of designer watches are usually very complicated and confusing in time telling. But this watch is interesting because of simple time telling and good display with less efforts in understanding of time. You can comfortably read the time without any hassle. The method of calculating time by blocks is quite user friendly. The watch is available in different exciting colors.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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