Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science?

I have graduated in science last year and have been working at a research firm since then but now I have developed an inclination for the industrial design career. Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science? Can someone guide me how can I pursue the program and also tell me about the bridging courses that I might need? Which programs or courses will you recommend?

One thought on “Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science?”

  1. Yes, you can opt industrial design as a specialization for post-graduation after you have completed your graduation in Science. Basically an industrial designer is a man who is designer or planner or inventor of different products at one time, responsible for improvising the products, services and methods that already exist as per growing day technology. He is equally responsible for deciding the equipment, the machinery, the fabrication and the blueprint. Therefore originality and methodology are his inputs. Since you have worked with a research team and you have already developed a inclination for this subject you will find it easy to study. As per my view, you will not be needing any bridge course because industrial design will be needing knowledge of physics and physics itself is a part of science in which you have graduated already. I will recommend you M.Sc. in industrial design or M.Tech. in industrial design. There are various entrance exams that you can appear in and start your Post Graduation in industrial design. You can also opt a Diploma course in industrial design. The PG course may be of 2-3 years and diploma course may take a time period of 6 months to 1 year.

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