Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science?

Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science? I have graduated in science last year and have been working at a research firm since then but now I have developed an inclination for the industrial design career and intend to get a industrial design degree. Is it possible to study industrial design after graduating in science? Can you show me how can I pursue the program and also tell me about the bridging courses that I might need? Which programs or courses will you recommend?

  1. Manik Roy

    It does not make any sense that you could not study the industrial design after completing the graduation in science. Rather, it will help you a lot when you will use the CAD software for the industrial designing. Actually, you will need artistic mind and detail-oriented attitude. For the industrial design, you have to work most of the time in CAD software, so you have to know the software very deeply. For it, you have to train yourself under the guidance from a CAD designing training institute. When you are going to design the industrial prototype, then you have to take the help from your science background. Because for making the industrial design, you have to calculate the angles and other structural formulas, so, science will definitely give you an advantage in this regard. Moreover, if you like to shine high in the crowd, then you have to also learn the 3D software. Basically, the 3D software will clear the conception of the three-dimensional industrial structure and it will help you to design the industrial prototype to the highest limit. It will also make yourself propelling your peers to look at you in the different perspective. Therefore, science will not only nourish your designing concept but it will clear your vision towards the industrial design.

    August 2nd, 2012 // Reply

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