Studio Re-Creation reinvents the Transformer’s magic with a handmade recycled metallic robot

Men and machines share a long relationship, right from time immemorial. The influence of this concept is so strong; it has even been reflected in some of the famous Hollywood movies, the recent one being the Transformer’s series.

The Transformer

Giving a new lease on life and exploring a new dimension of art, the half man, half machine creation by the Netherland’s company, Studio Re-Creation is as unique as its existence. Reviving the Transformer’s magic, they have built a brand new machine model out of an old recycled Lada Samara Diva car. By making use of the car’s worthless parts, the studio has been able to recreate a lifelike metallic robot. A true example of how a bit of revamping and tweaking can lead to an enormous effect on the environment in the form of recycling.

The robot stands tall at a height of 6.5 feet and has been proudly displayed in the studio’s head office in the Netherlands. The 200 pound structure makes use of the old Russian car and exemplifies the effect of recycling and artistic restructuring. Each and every contour of the metallic model oozes out the designer’s creativity and reminds the onlookers of the effort involved in the building process.

A pat on the back for the designer, who has sculpted, welded and crafted the complete model by hand. The mechanized beauty would have ended up in trash if the designer would not have stepped in and refurbished the whole concept of recycling. All in all, a true epitome of reusing our precious resources. A grand salute to Studio Re-Creation for giving birth to such a fantabulous masterpiece.

Via: InHabitat

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