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Student designs comfy and user friendly train seating with DEUTSCHE BAHN

These swish and streamlined seats set up on a train body are as special as they appear to be. An ergonomic T frame and floating mechanism is what gives them an edge. This lightweight and cozy chair designed by the Germany based industrial designer Devraj Bhadra will definitely make a very good travel companion. Some features of the natty seat are given below.


The good thing about the T frame layout is how it takes care of the joints and the materials used to build the seat. The main skeleton on which the chair is mounted allows for easy installation and sliding of the seats. This also makes the sliding, locking and angular inclines very easy. Passengers walking by can read travel related information on the OLED screens affixed at the lateral sides. This way, people who are already seated in their places, will not be disturbed.

Comfort of passengers sitting on a seat as well as those resting behind it has been taken care of. The handle located at the rear of the seat can be used by people sitting behind to hoard items or luggage. Also, the handle serves as a support in case you need to lean over. Another great feature is that the tables and trays are not attached to the backrests of the seats. So, if the person in the front leans backwards, then your table setup will not be disturbed.

The reason why the seats feel so snugly is the use of innovative and long lasting cushioning material instead of ordinary foam. The elastic deformation effect of the fiber reinforced polypropylene plates makes the padding extremely soft. The concentric rings on the seat provide different degrees of cushioning to different pressure points of the body when you sit down. Lamps that can be operated with a touch have also been integrated along the border of the seat.

[Cheers Devraj]

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