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With the fashion industry at its peak, there has been a great transformation among people, who have now become highly conscious about their looks. With the trendiest of clothes, to the latest collection of accessories, the need of the hour is to stock eve

Striking closet design ideas to enhance your living area

With the fashion industry at its peak, there has been a great transformation among people, who have now become highly conscious about their looks. With the trendiest of clothes, to the latest collection of accessories, the need of the hour is to stock everything in your closet, which signifies style, grandeur and fashion-galore for a luxurious high-end living. To make room for all of it in one specified, well-organized enclosure, the concept of walk-in closets was introduced. It not only holds and displays all your fashion related articles, but also ensures easy access to them, when required. Here is a list of 10 most striking closet designs and ideas, capable to sweep you off your floor and enhance your living area as well.

Custom Closet System by Team 7

The Custom Closet System is designed as a walk-in wardrobe by Team 7, for high end living. It enables you to stand right at the center of the area and view everything -from clothes to accessories- at a glance. The best and easiest way to mix and match your attire with its complimenting accessories, this closet design assists you to dress up in flair, without wasting time. This system is highly functional as well. It provides smooth operation and snap-free surfaces with divisional drawer compartments. These drawers have clear panels which allow the user to view the contents of the cabinet without even opening it. The structure has been built by using natural wood which is non-toxic in nature. It is being distributed by Batinau Design Group and is available in all leading stores across the globe.

Elegantly modular closet by Eric Peregrina

The Gravita modular design by Eric Peregrina is a very functional, practical and elegant bed, built in Medium Density Fiberboard. It serves a dual purpose of acting as a smart small bed and a small closet as well, thereby indulging in performing different tasks in different situations. The product has been made cost-effective by using low cost material. The idea behind this kind of design element was to impart the sensation of floating, within the constraints of a room, which would increas its appeal and make it look wider and more spacious.

Modern and space-saving bedroom closet ideas

Modern living is marked by limited space to stock even your utility and basic necessity items. This modern space-saving concept provides room for housing all the basic amenities of everyday usage in the most convenient manner. At a glance, it appears like a huge cupboard from outside, in white or natural wood color. But once you open its doors, you realize that it houses many shelves, made of timber. These shelves can be used for multi-purpose usage, to store books, stationary items and even home and other office equipment. There is also a comfort bed which can be folded back into the closet, when not being used. It even hosts a clean kitchen and a bathroom next to the bed. On the other side, there are another set of shelves which can be used to stack up your clean clothes or other everyday utility items. This closet design is definitely a boon for today’s urban-dwelling, ensuring both beauty and utility at the same time.

Walk in Closet Design with Glass Walls by Spazzi

Spazzi, a U.K-based cabinet-maker, has come up with this extraordinary compact design for a walk-in closet. A dream come true for every fashion fanatic, this product enables to view all your clothing and accessory items in a single glance, within your dressing area. It is a luxury-clothing option, and a treat for all fashion freaks as it allows ample space to neatly organize and store all your clothing and accessory items. A highly amber-cool product, with sleek glass walls on both its exterior and interior sides, it is fit to adorn any contemporary lay-out. Even the lighting options used for the closet area is designed in a manner to spotlight on the user while getting dressed up for office or a night-out with friends.

Minimalist wardrobe closet designs

This closet design adds sophistication and space to a room, without cluttering it. It separates the dressing area from the bedroom and ensures extra privacy while getting ready. Being highly functional and attractive at the same time, it adds a new dimension to your bedroom. It even includes the private bathroom within it. The doors of the closet are made of frosted glass to block visibility and enhance the beauty of the room interiors. All in all, a perfect choice for a stylish and luxurious bedroom design, with lots of open space attributed to the bedroom.

Doc Mobili’s Modern Walk-In Closets

A huge walk-in closet seems like a dream come true for many, with an element of luxury and style, clubbed with practicality. It provides solution to your space constraints and assists in keeping your home well-organised, neat and clean. Designer ‘Doc Mobili’, offers an excellent closet design-feature, which allows you to simply stand back and choose from an array of your collection of attires and accessories, right in front of your eyes, without having to tussle your way through them or messing up your wardrobe. Highlighted by transparent sliding glass doors, it looks highly modern and stylish, and even saves a lot of your precious time. The dressing room acts as a corollary to your bedroom.

Rimmel Walk-in Closet

This walk-in closet design, by Rimmel, features teak shelves, rested against an aluminium structure. It offers ample space for storage in an elegant backdrop and is very attractive to view. It is fully loaded with panels, shelves, chests of drawers and hangers for your clothes, making it a perfect choice for shopaholics. One can choose from a variety of materials and finishes for the back and panels of the wardrobe, with an option of tempered glass available too. Its design element is such that it can be easily added to any walk-in closet space, thereby maintaining neatness and organization within your dressing area.

Wooden Closet Design Ideas by Porro of Italy

Porro of Italy displays its model of walk-in closets, which extends through the entire length of the wall of your bedroom. Made in pure wood, this wardrobe is well blended with the room interiors, keeping well in mind not to overbalance it in any manner. It contains ample space to showcase and display your entire collection of clothes and accessories. It even seems exceptionally handy and functional, operation wise, for the user to choose from his varied collection of clothes and accessories.

Black and White Walk-in wardrobes Modern Design by Manhattan Closets

This Modern Design walk-in wardrobe by Manhattan Closets, in a black and white color combination, is built on a wall-mounted system. It allows flexibility in arranging a complete functional storage system for your room. Luxurious in design and extremely attractive in color feature, it imparts a minimalist and elegant design. It has been incorporated with sliding doors facility which provides ample room, ideal enough to store all your clothes and other accessories. Although it is not very large in size, it fulfills all your storage needs in a flexible manner.

Adjustable closet by Chia Pei Lu

Being the first of its kind, the adjustable closet design by Chia Pei Lu, enables the user to alter and adjust the size of the wardrobe according to the amount of clothes to be stored in it. The closet features separate sections for hanging and storing clean laundry, a separate built-in basket to throw your dirty clothes, built-in hooks to hang scarfs and bags neatly, without crumpling them, and movable boards to stack other items, as per their size requirements. All-in-all, this adjustable closet is an unbelievable and most appropriate answer to your search of perfect storage, so much required for your clothing and accessories.

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