Strike Turn and Burn makes the humble matchbook too high tech for our liking

Do you find the process of igniting a lighter too tiresome? Do you find lighting old fashioned matches a bit too romantic a tradition to let go of? Are you a serial arsonist obsessed with lighting matches and get ticked off into a serious psychosis when it takes you more than a moment to pick a match up from a matchbook and light it? Then the Strike Turn and Burn matchbook replacement may just be the thing for you.

Strike Turn And Burn

The Strike serves as a durable matchbook that can store all your precious matchsticks and protect them from humidity and accidental breakage. Just like a regular matchbook, the Strike too can also be used to light matches. When you twist the top dial of the device open, it dispenses one match at a time. What’s even better is that the device automatically ignites the match that is being dispenses so you don’t even have to take an extra moment to rub the dispensed match against a compatible frictional surface.

And just in case you manage to get your hands on a matchbook with a few strike-anywhere matches handy but jut can’t find a suitably coarse surface to light them, then the textured bottom of the Strike Turn and Burn can be used to produce a light. The device also comes with a few sticky strike pads included to make sure that no matchstick ever gets wasted for lack of a compatible lighting surface.

Via: Quirky

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