V-Strike to immobilize law breaking vehicles

Police chasing criminals or cars that have broken rules are not an alien thing. These speeding vehicles can lead to many accidents if not taken care of in a proper way. Giving police all the power to have a complete control on different rides will be V-Strike, which has been designed by Sebastian Fraser.


Like a stun gun, with the electric shocks it produces, is used to incapacitate a person, similarly the V-Strike aka Vehicle Strike will immobilize a law-breaking vehicle. The concept has been specially designed for the year 2020 when the police force will get some rights to control public vehicles in case they break laws and don’t stop when the police signal. It will slowly disable the vehicle and bring it to stop with the help of WLAN or wireless communication. This happens as the gadget will send across a wireless signal or code to the vehicle, which will further cut 90 percent of the vehicle’s engine function resulting in a smooth as well as safe stop.

Every vehicle will have a built-in ECU along with an algorithm that no one but the police can access. This will be further pre programmed into the product or device used. It makes good use of modern display technologies that will put forward crisp and clear visuals. A target circle will make it easy to aim at the maniacal vehicle and after locking it on the signal will be sent to the ECU, giving police complete control. V-Strike will take care of road rage, which is definitely a serious concern.

[Cheers Sebastian]

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