Seven strange USB gadgets you’d never buy

USB Scan Toaster

The electronic gadgets have completely changed the meaning of the devices and have introduced some of the most exotic devices. These electronic gadgets are not only beautiful but are also fun to use. But, there are some electronic gadgets, especially the USB powered devices which are really sick to use and should actually be ignored. These devices are just mere waste of money and thus should be avoided. Here is a list of seven strange USB gadgets you should never go for. Have a look!

1. USB-Powered Butt Cooler

USB-Powered Butt Cooler

This is something irritating. This is a sick cooler that is actually USB powered and is made especially to cool off your butt. Yes you heard it right, this butt cooler is what made to cool your butt out of sweat and other stuffs and is completely powered by USB. It is made to be placed near the butt and is provided with a switch to on/off. This is just nothing that is attractive and if you are still interested in it, you too can get your butt cooled buying this product.

2. USB Heated Slippers

USB Heated Slippers

Slippers are actually fun and cool to use if they are trendy and exotic. But, this is something that can be avoided from far distance itself. This is a USB powered slippers which come along with a warm cushion like stuff into which you can drag your legs and feel the heat inside. It can be used at times but is completely out of fashion and of no use. It is priced at $42.

3. USB Mini Fridge

USB Mini Fridge

Here is a new definition of the traditional fridge. This is actually a micro mini fridge that is capable of cooling stuffs like drinks and other related products. Also, it is USB powered so that you need not bother plugging it inside a power cable. It can be place on your computer desk but is messy to have control. The space it occupies is less but is actually not worth of using as it is something not most commonly used.

4. USB Scan Toaster

USB Scan Toaster

This is the device which should be completely avoided. Don’t go for its looks which will completely drive you crazy over its design and looks. This is actually a USB scanner, printer and toaster. It can be operated using a USB and can scan up photos and also can go for printing them from where it is placed. This concept is still under studies and will be out in the coming days. But whatsoever, the concept looks pretty boring and quite useless and thus should be ignored.

5. Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker

Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker

This is one of the sick devices ever made and should be avoided. It is actually a virtual flower pot which is incorporated along with a speaker at the bottom of the pot and also contains a USB to connect it to the PC. The design of the device really sucks and is some kind of old fashioned stuff. Also the flower doesn’t add to the beauty of the place around. This device should be ignored and never ever try going for this kind of devices as these are just waste of money.

6. Coffee Mug Computer Mouse

Coffee Mug Computer Mouse

Coffee is fun when you have it with your family and friends but is really heck when you try going for having it with your laptop or computer. This USB device is what will make you regret over your choice. It is actually a coffee cup which comes along with an optical mouse at the bottom of it which is plugged using a USB. It is bulky and also is pretty hard to use most of the times. The bulky thing is what makes it poor in quality and also in style.

7. Mr. Tengu

Mr. Tengu

The name is funny and so is the device. This is a USB powered device which is actually a face maker which keeps changing its face according to the music out there in room. Also the facial expression doesn’t look good and makes the environment around it completely sick. This gadget is what should be ignored even if you are bored of your old stuffs.

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