Strange yet sustainable house designs

A beautiful house is a sweet dream of everyone. Though it gives you shelter and security, it is also a place where you spread your dreams, and live your life. You may have certain concepts about your own house. There are many people who wish for some specialties in their house. Normally, we use the common house building materials like bricks, stone, etc. to build a house. But there are exceptions. Depending upon the materials available, people adapt to certain house building techniques. You may already know about Eskimo houses. They live in ice caves. In ancient Asia, people use mud and other available materials for building houses. Bamboo houses are also an exception.

Here you can read about some extra ordinary house concepts with extremely unusual materials.

House made out of recycled shipping containers.

What do you think of living in a ship? It is not a joke, there is a house made of recycled shipping containers. No need to worry about the common amenities, because you can get all the conveniences in this house. Here, the doors and windows are wide and you can get proper ventilation also. A well maintained kitchen is also present. Moreover, the cost is less compared to the traditional cost of a normal house. Nearly 12 shipping containers are used for building this house. So this is strong enough to stay. So, definitely it is worth buying.

House made of the airplane.

Think about an airplane house. Wonderful! Right? You can get this wonderful piece of art for just $30,000 only. The foldable stairs and the restroom are also there as they are in the plane.The wooden floors and furniture give an elegant look. There is no security issues. Almost all the parts are covered except the windows. Of course, it can be an amazing place for those who like verities.

Amazing hotel made of card keys.

In New York, there is a key card hotel made of 2,000,000 key cards. In this hotel, everything like; bed, toilet and doors, etc. are made out of cards. The builder of this hotel is Bryan Berg, who broke the world record for having built a 26 ft tall house of freestanding playing cards. Though the house is cheap, it is only provides you variety not very sure about the security and strength of this house as it is made out of playing cards. However, those who need to add something special to their collection, it is a good piece of art.

Plastic bottle house

A house made from plastic bottles are really an unusual thing. However, it is a reality now. According to the statistics in America every day nearly seven million bottles are being used. Most of the bottles become waste products that always threaten our nature and environment. A family in Argentina thought about how they could reuse these plastic wastes, and finally, they ended up in a decision that they could build a house using recycled plastic bottles. They used aluminum sheets and tires to build the house along with the plastic. It is really a new venture that deserves a lot of appreciations.

Though it it is the cheapest house ever made, it cannot be a permanent shelter as it cannot provide privacy. However, it can be turned as a cute coffee bar for your guests or an unusual gift for your child.

The house made out of newspaper.

You may have a lot of doubts regarding the security and strength of a newspaper house, but according to Sumer Erick, you can build a newspaper house as she did. She used folded newspapers and that give strength to the building. In 2008, this provoking piece of art was exhibited. London’s Gillett Square was filled with people who came to see the house made out of 85,000 news papers. This newspaper house got a lot of media coverage and many people became fans of this piece of art. This can be a temporary shelter for you if you buy it.

House of doors.

It would be really a creative mind that delivered the thought of making a house with recycled doors. The floor, rooms, windows and walls etc. all are made up of door pieces. It is a house situated near Georgia.

As it is made out of doors, there is no other issues about strength and security. It gives you privacy and definitely the price will be very low.

House of scraps.

As a dedication to the World environment day, a group of engineers and architects thought about the concept of a scrap house. This noble thought became the realty in 2005, in San Francisco. It is a temporary demonstration of a different house concept. Though it is not possible to stay in these type of houses, these innovations give more inspiration to all those who like to walk through a different path.

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