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Stéphanie Van Zwam’s Airborne Collection makes jewelry interactive

The Airborne collection by Central Saint Martins graduate Stéphanie Van Zwam investigates the possibility of the use of air in the creation of jewelry that stimulates the physical senses as well as the viewer’s imagination. The collection uses static air, the movement of air and enclosed air to create stunning yet simple visual. The jewelry thus, essentially forces the wearer to “perform” to bring the full effect of the jewelry to the fore. The entire Airborne collection includes nine pieces including the Zephyrus Wings Statement Piece that is constructed of a plastic, brass tube, carbon fiber rod and a black finish.

Airborne Collection by Stéphanie Van Zwam

The Windsock Brooch comprises of a black finish, plastic and stainless steel elements while the White Feather Orb Necklace comes in a white finish with a silk threat, white feathers, a plastic sphere and brass. The Static Orb Brooches are offered in both black and white finishes and are made in polystyrene beads, black and white feathers, plastic sphere and a brass.

The Air Cushion Headpiece comprises of a air inflated plastic elements with a white finish, brass and carbon fiber elements while the Bubble Wand Neckpiece features Bubble Solution and a white finish with brass and carbon fiber elements. The plastic and air are the only elements used in making the Air Pocket Scarf while the Whirlwind Statement Piece includes a black card.

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