‘Stereo for the Blind’ caters to all audiophiles

stereo for the blind

Thousands of products hit the stores every day, but only a handful address the universal consumers to go beyond their initial production. Conceived by designer Paris Lowitz, the “Stereo for the Blind” is an innovative music player that treats both the visually impaired and the common user on equal merit. Users can adjust the volume of the player by rotating the gray textured dial back and forth. The size and the texture on the dial allow the visually impaired to differentiate between different dials. The music player makes use of SD cards, quite popularly in the blind community, to hold music and audio books. For having an SD Card slot on the device would create a convenient way for the blind to listen to the music on their home stereos. While the auxiliary input allows the blind, as well as normal users, plug in and listen to their MP3 devices through their home stereo.

stereo for the blind 03
stereo for the blind 01
stereo for the blind 02

[Thanks, Paris]

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