Step By Step stroller can climb and descend stairs easily

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Strollers may be a safe and easy means to move your baby on flat surfaces, but the situation becomes a bit dangerous when parents have to move upstairs, or downstairs for that matter, with their baby in one hand and the stroller on the other. Addressing the issue, Mexican designer Arturo Arino has come up with a unique stroller named the “Step By Step” that moves on the stairs as smoothly and swiftly as it moves on the flat surface. One of a kind, the radical stroller features a system of tripod, which makes it easy to pull against holes or bumps in the street, while the big tire up front clears all the obstacles with ease. Therefore, the Step By Step stroller is not only safe and comfortable for both babies and parents, but it also presents a fashionable design to keep them up with modern trends.

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