Steampunk wrist cuff with watch makes TAGheuers look like Chinese rip offs

Wrist watches and other timepieces worn on one’s person have become somewhat obsolete since cellphone with clocks on the home screen became commonplace. But that didn’t stop fashionistas and premium watchmakers of the world from promoting the good old wristwatch as a fashion accessory and this Steampunk wrist cuff with working watch and date function is one such novel product. Created by Cardiff-based designer Nicholas Robatto, the Steampunk wrist cuff with working watch and date function features a funky Steampunk watch that cuffs your wrist in bold style with a fully working LED interface that tells you the time and date.

Steampunk wrist cuff with watch

Seventy-two separate LED lights are contained within a small device lodged inside a brass resin case which makes this wrist cuff device a great and functional fashion accessory as well. To tell the time or date, you just have a press a button which will initiate a sequence of different light series after which the hour will be indicated by the illuminated top row with the rest of the lights below showing the minutes.

The Steampunk wrist cuff with working watch and date function comes complete with all the trimmings that are typical to the genre including brass nut and bolts and brass rivets and the watch comes with a brass powder and resin casing with layer of thin foam cushioning its underside. A 4mm real leather strap gives the $230 watch a timeless look.

Via: Etsy

  1. Mavrrik

    this is a beautiful piece and I hope to buy this sometime in the future for my new steampunk outfit as Dr. ₱ARAD∅X

    June 25th, 2013 // Reply

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