Seven steampunk watches to take you back in time

Steampunk watches

There is a general saying that a man is well known by his shoes and watch. It is believed that the personality and status of a man is known by having a look at the watch he is wearing, which means that you should select your watch after careful considerations. People who love retro and geek style have the option to choose steampunk watch. These days many steampunk watches with futuristic designs are available in the market and you can select your pick to reveal your personality and status.

Here is the list of seven steampunk watches to take you back in time.

1. Titanic steampunk watch

Titanic Steampunk Watch

The credit for designing Titanic steampunk watch goes to well-known luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome. The talented designer has used Titanic’s wreckage to come up with a new line of wristwatches, which are stylish and luxurious. The RJ Steampunk is the successor of Titanic-DNA tourbillon steampunk designed by Jerome. The new watch has steel paws and pistons. The numerals are in Roman language. Jerome has used four screwed-down pistons to keep the mechanism of this watch intact. The diameter of the case of this watch is of 50 mm. Jerome had announced that he will release only 2,012 pieces of this one-of-a-kind watch. The hands of the watch are similar in design to the Titanic’s anchor. The X motif of this watch is well fitted into the dial. The Steampunk watch is meant for people with deep pockets because it is worth $13,000.

2. Artsy steampunk watch

Artsy Steampunk Watch

The beautifully designed Artsy steampunk watch is the brainchild of deviant artist Sadwonderland. This unique wristwatch is powered by a battery and it is fully functional. The watch has a pair of angelic wings and the clock cogs are very good-looking and decorative in appearance. The wristwatch has a hanging charm chain and a small Victorian heart. This beautiful watch is perfect for those who want to show their class in big parties and social gatherings. Before designing this fully functional watch, Sadwonderland had designed a non-functioning Watson watch. The watch is available for sale in Sadwonderland’s Etsy shop.

3. DeWitt Incognito steampunk watch

DeWitt Incognito Steampunk Watch

DeWitt Incognito steampunk watch is a monstrous watch designed by DeWitt in collaboration with French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The Dewitt Incognito 2008 has a unique design and this timepiece is nothing less than amazing. The designers have used a flying tourbillon to keep the watch accurate by counteracting the force of gravity. The watch has five barrels and a power back up to keep the watch running for around three weeks. The design of this watch is completely steampunkish with a riveted case. The Incognito ’08 is priced at EUR 400,000 or $632,941.

4. Steampunk wrist watch

Steampunk Wrist Watch

Not much information is available about this steampunk wrist watch but a closer look at the images of this beautifully designed watch reveals that it has all the features of a good steampunk wristwatch. The dial is at the center and it is surrounded by metal gears. The images show that this wristwatch has an element of mystery attached to it. After looking the images, we can say that it is a strong watch which has been designed to last long even in bad conditions.

5. Cabestan Winch tourbillion vertical wristwatch

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Wristwatch

Renowned luxury watch designer Jean-Francois Ruchonnet deserves credit for designing these wristwatches, which are available in different styles. It is interesting to note that Ruchonnet has designed a unique chain for each watch. Ruchonnet has designed these steampunk watches keeping in mind those geek gadget lovers who are willing to spend big money to own a stylish and cool watch. The price of the basic models is $275,000.

6. Horological machine no. 2 steampunk watch

Horological Machine No. 2 Steampunk Watch

The Horological machine no. 2 is a wristwatch designed by MB&F. This beautifully designed watch has four dials, two for measuring time and two for date. The casing of this costly watch is made up of 18 K gold and titanium. This wristwatch is perfect for those who want to spend a fortune to become the proud owner of a unique steampunk wristwatch. This is priced at a whopping $59,000.

7. Steampunk watch

Steampunk Watch

It is believed that this steampunk watch is the brainchild of renowned luxury wristwatch designer Haruo Suekichi. The dial of this watch is made up of metal and it has a flip-open design. The dial is surrounded by leather. This watch has a feeling of antique watches and it is definitely a collector’s item. If you want to flaunt your watch in social steampunk parties, then this watch is perfect for you.

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