Steampunk-inspired watch takes you back to the future

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Pictured at the Baselworld, the Incognito 2008 Concept No.1 watch by Dewitt is a Steampunk marvel that has just made it to the OnlyWatch auction. With gothic intricacies like an expanding riveting case, flying tourbillion, five barrels and a powder reserve that lasts 21 days, the Incognito certainly takes innovation back to the future while the intriguing tech-design and construction make it a true classic in its own right. Created by Jérôme de Witt and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the watch is made from the most exquisite materials including a lithium-aluminum support structure on the exterior. The Concept No. 1 watch was lapped up Jimmy Tan from the famous Prince Jewellery Watch Company, Hong Kong for 400,000 Euros.

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Source: Gizmo Watch

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