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The Steampunk Gun to kill you with its sheer looks

Steampunk stuff can be really funky, but the creativity needs to be unleashed in the best possible manner for that. But, in the end, what really matters is the way you let go of the creative streak in you and create a masterpiece out of sheer junk. This is exactly what designer and manufacturer William Rockwell has done.

Steampunk Gun

He has given a new lease on life to some really rusty, junk metal pieces, polished them and refurbished them into a stylish, retro Steampunk Gun Diabolical Death Cannon. The gun has been purely crafted out of jumbled up junk, metallic pieces. The end contraption is a decorative death cannon ready to shoot your imaginary enemies to pieces.

The Cannon has been put together just to appease the senses of avid collectors and eco friendly collectors. The gun may very much be a collector’s item but the 18″ in length, 10″ tall, and 3″ wide gun is not everyone’s dream fantasy. The metallic beauty measures 6 lbs and costs around $900. If you want to feast your eyes on this unique art collector’s prized beauty, then it’s never too late to proclaim it as your own. Fear its wrath and unleash the power within, for the Diabolical Death Cannon is out to claim the lives of all those who underestimate its true value.

Via: Etsy

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