Steampunk furniture designs for rustic interiors

With interest in science fiction and surrealism at an all time high, steampunk style is scrambling up on popularity charts. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Wild Wild West, then you will be intrigued by these pieces inspired by science fiction from the steam age. The bizarre style is a pot pourri of many philosophies and comes from a time period when the world was on the brink of Industrial revolution. The style is graphic and mechanized with a touch of old age romanticism. Rusticated finishing is used to give pieces a scraggy look. The punk inspired curios are a product of creative artistry and elements like wood, nuts, bolts, cogs, machinery parts, clockwork pieces and craft paper are used to construct them. Here are a few steampunk furniture units from the age of billowy airships, atomic locomotives and mysterious submarines.

Executive Desk by Dale Mathis

This work desk will definitely jazz up the interiors of a mundane looking office. If a tech junkie from the Victorian era were to image what gadgetry of the future will look like, this would be it. Totally mechanized and so masculine, this desk oozes dynamic energy making the whole room look spunky. The motorized cogs and fittings inside the desk, which actually spin, lend a kinetically charged vibe to the writing table. The striking piece that sells for $21000 has been outfitted with a keyboard space and mouse trays.


The coarse exterior of this chair was probably made from blocks and chunks pared from different objects. All components used to make this chair are so dramatic. It has swish latigo leather, earthy maple dowels, cutting edge Richlite fiber and cog like fittings all over. This is a fun chair to have around if you are a sci-fi fan. Just close the door behind you every time you sit in it and most people will think that you are voyaging through different time zones.

Steampunk Tabletop Drawers Cabinet

This one was surely built during the steam age because it is certainly not form this era. It has lived through different periods and survived the test of time. The very antique looking unit is even fitted with parts salvaged from the bygone times. The copper pipes, brass screws and bronze fixtures give it a burnished look that is contrasted by woody elements. Most of the wood used in the piece is softwood like oak which has been polished with shellac. Leather straps run over the frame constructed from solid steel and aluminum. The drawers of the cabinet are taken from sewing machines manufactured during the 1900.

Steampunk Little Shelve

The ornate curvatures and flamboyant patters give this unit a stark Victorian feel. The various types of woods used to construct the storage shelf have been sealed with lacquer and wood sealants. The papercraft backing is stylish and earthy. The metallic additions like the nuts, bolts and clockwork pieces make it look eclectic. Use it to store feminine supplies like perfumes, toiletries, towels and cosmetics. It can be placed near the medicine cabinet of your bathroom or near the dressing table in your bedroom.

Steampunk gear table

A very classic representation of the steampunk theme is this table shaped like motorized cogs. The oddball design from Cole Hastings will cost you $700. The birch hardwood used in construction balances its crank look and lends the piece an upmarket appeal. Stainless steel hardware and black iron used give the table a robust frame. It’s quite a fun piece to have around as you can actually turn the individual gear around in circles.

Hugo – Steam Punked chair

The wired, woody and utterly zany design has an element of horror attached to it. There are high chances that this steamgoth chair will connect you with the other world. Setting aside the wisecracks, the piece is quite novel and will look great in a bachelor pad. It is also a good choice for shabby chic homes and freewheeling houses that are a melting pot of sundry curios and collectibles. The diverse range of components used in the chair just blend into each other. The seat designed by Sue Jenson uses brass, gold, rust, gears and clockwork parts.

Steampunk wine case

Are you member of a steampunk fan club? If yes, then grab this wine case to toast in style the next time round your guild gets together. A hull made out of wood and metal that is adorned with elaborate patterns gives this item a staunch steampunk look. The particular design seen in the picture above has been sold out but a similar piece customized to your specifications can be manufactured once you place the order. It has all essentials of the sci-fi meets steam age design like wood, nuts, bolts, clockwork pieces and craft paper.

Dollhouse Miniature Steampunk Day Bed by Deb’s Minis

If you liked the trappings exhibited in Wild Wild West, the flick in which Will Smith fights the evil inventor Dr. Loveless, then this piece is for you. Definitely a rare steampunk piece, this one is styled like the Victorian Gothic designs. The creation by Dr. Thaddeus Robertson retails for $130. The opulent daybed has a wrought iron frame, satin sheets, shimmery silk pillows and golden braids hanging from the top. Adding to its flash appeal is a vivacious scarlet hue, shiny gold brocade, brass add-ons and motorized machinery parts.

Millenium Chess Table

The famous holochess game from the epic “Star Wars” series has been brought to life in this design. You can play around with the lights that flicker on the table. Even when you are not playing, the table looks grand just standing inside a room. It is crafted by a member from the Replica Prop Forum.

Furniture Running Table

This simple and rusticated piece is actually quite hi tech. This table can actually walk around on its legs. This means you won’t have to carry the heavy piece around when you want to reposition it. That is definitely a load off. It is made from wood and stainless steel.

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