Livebox bridges gap between lifestyle and technology

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Without doubt, technology has revolutionized the pace of human life and brought about remarkable changes in the way of doing things. However, machinery has its dark side too. It messes up our lifestyle by turning our homes and workplaces into a web of wires. However, Franco Marino Cagnina has come up with an innovative design that helps in bridging the gap between lifestyle and technology fruitfully. Hailed as the ‘Livebox,’ the unique router design not just incorporates the wireless internet, Voice over IP, landline telephone and wired DSL, but also comes in the shape of an elegant flower vase, infusing a positive emotional response, as well.

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Design Status:

The Livebox is a router design developed for Saudi Telecom.


The STC Livebox is a highly useful hub for all the wired and wireless gadgets and technologies, required in modern residential and commercial apartments. It allows the users to adopt an emotionally rich lifestyle with ease.

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Via: Mocoloco


Franco Marino Cagnina.

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