Seven Star Trek gadgets that entered the real world

Star Trek inspired gadget

Unlike many Sci-Fi novels, shows and movies, Star Trek has introduced a set of futuristic gadgets that at the time were complete Science fiction. Nevertheless this soon become a reality with a list of sci-fiction gadgets coming in to markets making technology even beneficial for us. Here is a list of 7 such technological inventions, have a look:

1. Star Trek inspired watch phone

Star Trek inspired watch phone

You cannot deny it that this Hyundai watch phone looks pretty nice. The W-100 is a phone that you can wear and a one that not only features a 1.3 mp camera but also a touch screen as well as Bluetooth. Additionally, this phone features GSM and is available in English as well as Chinese language. It can also be used as an Mp3 player and a video player.

2. Star Trek Phaser

Star Trek Phaser

This Star Trek Phaser has lights and sound effects very much like the ones used in the original Start Trek series. The Type 1 phaser is loaded with lights and sounds and will be lot of fun, pretending to be Dr. Spock or Captain James T. Kirk. The Star Trek Phaser Gadget features 4 power settings, a Light control knob, Overload setting with exploding sounds and light effects, Uses 3 LR44/AG13 batteries.

3. Star Trek USB Communicator

Star Trek USB Communicator

This is one of the ultimate gadgets for Star Trek fans, a VoIP phone that has a shaped of a Star Trek communicator. This Star Trek USB Communicator can be plugged into your PC through USB and can be used with Skype and MSN, among others. It works with Windows XP, Vista as well as Mac OS X 10.5. it has an in-built microphone, earphone and speaker, Volume switch. You can buy this Star Trek USB Communicatorfor $45 from USB Geek.

4. Star Trek TricorderStar Trek Tricorder

Star Trek sci-fi series Fans will be happy to know that they will soon get their hands on this cool collectible Tricorder, which is a handheld device used for scanning an area. Prepared from the original pattern utilized to create the props, this replica is prepared from die-cast metal as well as plastic to give you a perfect artifact from the future that you crave for. With a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces, you should rush to get your for $349.99.

5. Personal food analyzer

Personal food analyzer

Philips introduces a tiny food analyzer, a device that small food companies can easily afford. It is something that you can carry in your pocket anytime to have a check whether you eating a healthy good food. This personal food analyzer can help you detect if you really are eating steak and not soy or drinking Guinness and not somebody’s backyard brew with a load of food coloring in it. This can be very well possible by this lab-on-a-chip technology, which puts forward the components for this kind of analysis on a single computer chip–just very much like a Star Trek tricorder does.

6. Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

Remember the time when Enterprise’s Communications officer used to wear a giant silver earpiece while sitting at the communications station. This reminds of the Bluetooth headpieces of today times. You might very often find people walking down the street seeming like they have gone insane and are talking to themselves. You will see a blue light flashing next to their ear and if you look closer you will see the Bluetooth earpiece. This have become a trend today as most cell phones include integrated Bluetooth and Bluetooth headsets are becoming a must-have accessory. They not only offer the benefit of hands-free chatting but also free you from dealing with those tangled wires of your regular headset.

7. Star Trek photon torpedo coffin

Star Trek photon torpedo coffin

Eternal Image, the makers of afterlife geek vessels released a near final design of their Star Trek casket that is based on the Photon Torpedo design from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. This piano black coffin is inclusive of a Federation insignia on the inside with handles for when the ensigns load your geek corpse into the airlock.

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