Standing Power Wheelchair lets users stand and reach up with ease

The social and professional space in modern day may be more accommodating for people in wheelchairs, but it certainly is developed and fashioned to better serve the needs of people who do not have any disabilities. For a person with lower limb disability, this simply means that they have to find a way to work around the existing system which can be more than challenging when they have to access cabinets and shelves that are placed at what would be an overhead level for a person without disabilities. This can be a cruel reminder of one’s disability and a psychological setback for people in wheelchairs who are trying to live independently. The Standing Power Wheelchair developed for Vertis Heartway Medical Co. by designer Bruce Lin is a wheelchair that looks to break away the restriction of the traditional wheelchair and allow people with lower limb disabilities to make vertical movements as well.

Vertis: Standing Power Wheelchair

One of the main motivations behind this design was to get rid of the medical device-like and mechanical appearance of the wheelchair to reduce stereotypical threats. Sociological studies reveal that by reducing such stereotypes, user’s self esteem and confidence can be improved which makes them more productive. The wheelchair is devised for non amputees in wheelchairs who have self care and independent living capacity.

The Standing Power Wheelchair allows users to make a vertical movement much in the same fashion that a non-disabled person does with the aid of a smooth functioning lifting action. By improving the supplemental value of standing function, the Standing Power Wheelchair also improves the blood circulation of the user and reduces the possibility of pressure ulcer and low blood pressure.

Source: Lin Bruce

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