Staircase/Slide combo: Not every parent will appreciate this!

staircase slide

Staircases can be much more than just a means of getting to the next floor. While some designers think of safety and stability before aesthetics, a few dare to create something unique and innovative. An eco-conscious British architect named Alex Michaelis falls in the latter category. Lately, he built his dream home, and one of the major highlights of the home is a slide next to the staircase. He said that everyone in the family was involved in the design and got to say what he or she wanted. For the kids, it meant (what else?) a slide, a climbing wall and a foosball table. The slide complements the limestone staircase when it comes to overall aesthetics and on the other hand, it’s fun for kids to enjoy those speedy falls. For me, the Staircase/Slide combo inside the home is really a great fun thing for kids, but I am sure many parents won’t appreciate the idea.

Via: Neatorama/Cookiemag

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