Seven stadiums designed to add green to the sports world

Green stadium

The demand to save the environment by adopting the green methods is fast gaining prominence. These days many eco-conscious people are working tirelessly to pass the message highlighting the importance of adopting the eco-friendly ways in our daily life. Many countries are now building stadiums that are eco-friendly and built using recyclable and green materials. Here is a list of seven stadiums designed to add green to the sports world:

1. Qatar solar powered stadiums for World Cup 2022


The high-tech Quantum stadium built in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup was nothing less than amazing and now all eyes are set on Qatar, which is set to host the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza in 2022. The Qatar government has announced that it would construct three new stadiums especially for the 2022 showpiece event. These stadiums would use state-of-the-art technology but will be carbon neutral. This shows Qatari government’s desire to make football a green sport. These three new stadiums would use solar energy. Besides the construction of these three new solar-powered stadiums, Qatar will also update its two existing stadiums.

2. New Dalian Shide soccer stadium

New Dalian Shide soccer stadium

The proposal to redesign the Dalian Shide Football Stadium in China was put forward by NBBJ. The name of the new stadium is Garden Stadium and the design of the new structure would be like a garden with green walls. This new stadium will emulate a garden which reduces the air pollution and greenhouse gases. Besides this, an adequate level of insulation will also be provided by the Green Stadium. Stunning views of the ocean will be seen from the new stadium.

The stadium’s roof will be made of cables and fabric, which will make it flexible. Living plants clad the stadium’s wall. The important thing about these plants is that they change their appearance depends on the seasons. LED panels adorn the inside walls of the Green Stadium. Wind turbines and solar cells power these LED panels. The walls, roof and the site have solar panels and wind turbines.

3. Njiric + Arhitekti’s blue volcano stadium

Blue Volcano stadium

The Blue Volcano Stadium is designed by Njiric and Arhitekti. This eco-friendly huge stadium is located on an artificial hill. The hill is made of recycled rubber. The blue color is due to the blue pigment sprayed onto the aluminum sheets. An open roof adds to the beauty of the stadium and it allows the natural light inside the stadium’s premises. The zeppelin-like balloon structure present in the stadium covers its central area. The structure provides shade. This 188,905 m2 stadium can be used to host different sports including skateboarding and free-climbing.

4. Volcano-shaped soccer stadium

Volcano-shaped soccer stadium

The eco-friendly stadiums have become a necessity now because these energy-efficient structures are cleaner and healthier. French architects, Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet have also come up with a green stadium shaped like a volcano. This unique-shaped stadium is located in Mexico’s Guadalajara city. This green stadium has been built for Team Chivas. The shape of the exterior of this stadium is like a volcano and it has been designed to capture rainwater. This stored rainwater is then used to water the pitch. This stadium can seat 45,000 people and it has a huge parking space.

5. Herzog & de Meuron solar powered stadium in Bordeaux

Herzog & de Meuron

Swiss architecture firm, Herzog & de Meuron, has come up with the design of a solar-powered stadium to be built in Bordeaux. This eco-friendly airy stadium is expected to be completed before the 2016 de l’Euro de football. This 43,500 stadium will be the home ground for Girondins de Bordeaux. Various events including football, rugby and musical concerts will be held here. The stadium will have a large photovoltaic plant, which will be used to pump out renewable energy. Located in green belt district of the city, this stadium will have tree like poles on all sides.

6. Solar-Powered piezoelectric sports stadium breaks ground in India

Piezoelectric Sports Stadium

Studio Symbiosis has designed the Athletic Ripple Project under which a stadium will be built, which will be powered by solar energy. The stadium will harness the piezoelectric energy that will come from the crowds entering inside it. The shape of this green stadium is like water droplets. This stadium will hold different events. Solar panels are fitted on the roof of stadium. The project is scheduled to complete in 2012.

7. Tokyo solar-powered stadium for 2016 Olympics

Tokyo solar-powered stadium

Before placing its bid for the 2016 Winter Olympics, Tokyo announced that it would construct a solar-powered stadium for the 2016 Olympics. This new stadium will be constructed using recyclable materials and it will add to the green effect of the neighborhood.

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