Spun carbonfiber bench uses NASA tech

Mathias Bengtsson is a Danish designer who has taken the spirit of Scandinavian design to yet another height with his Spun series of benches and chairs created way back in 2005 that were fashioned out of the same kind of carbon fiber materials used by aerospace engineers over at NASA. The sturdiness of the material is increased by the industrial fiber spinning technique employed to fashion it which is both low-cost as well as super lightweight. This allows the spectacular Spun Bench commissioned by Washington D.C.-based Industry Gallery to sprawl across its floors in a figure eight even though the 12 Spun benches woven together (that stand at a massive 30 feet long by the way) weigh nothing more than 11-12 lbs as a whole and only a few pounds each!

Carbon-Fiber Bench

The super long bench may appear to be quite delicate but is really just the opposite and the single, spiraling sinuous tube’s weaving pattern allows minimum material to produce maximum strength. An unbroken, single fiber actually forms the core structure of the weightless lines of the Spun carbon-fiber bench with its wave-like configurations allowing the six individual pieces of the modular design to be placed at obtuse angles or merged to create a perfect circle.

Carbon-Fiber Bench

Each individual bench measure 750mm in height x 890mm in width and 750mm in length and an entire piece assembled piece can cost anywhere north of $45,000 depending on your particular needs.

Via: Fast Code Design

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