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Sprout Ambient Infant Monitor makes life easier for new parents

Being a new parent can be very grueling for first timers especially if they have a packed schedule to work around. Most new parents choose to opt for work from home options offered by their offices though that too requires one to chalk out a time frame and a space away from the sleeping baby. Being inexperienced, most new parents need help recognizing when their child’s health and safety are in danger and there are some situations that medical brochures and advice from mum just doesn’t prepare you with. The Sprout Ambient Infant Monitor System by David Kanegsberg is one such solution that allows new parents as well folks that need to work away from a nursery to keep a constant check on their infant’s safety even from afar.

Sprout - Infant Monitor System

Basically an intelligent infant monitor system, the Sprout Ambient Infant Monitor uses existing Wi-Fi to monitor and transmit data to multiple devices in and out of the home with a Touchless Monitoring system keeping a constant track of the baby’s breathing and temperature. Motion recognition technology and infrared are also used in the system to keep a good track of the baby’s chest movement and vital signs.

This allows parents to keep track of baby’s breathing and temperature patterns from afar. Sprout transmits data to a computer through a router data is instantly processed and uploaded to a secure site on the internet and then trickles down into a live feed that can be downloaded to a 3G phone or a computer.

Source: David Kanegsberg

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