Spot : The perfect device to diagnose vision disabilities at an early stage

Disability in vision is a rampant problem that is slowly increasing amongst children. Problems in viewing are not often noticed during the early stages. Eye camps are often conducted in educational institutions and poor neighborhoods. It is very hard to carry about heavy equipments to such places. Eye specialists find it hard to test students and adults in environments other than clinics. A hand held, single piece device that is designed to detect eye problems is a boon for both doctors and patients. Spot is a device designed to find out problems in clear vision. It relieves the headache of trying to read from a chart placed far away. The readings taken through Spot are very accurate. The device is a breakthrough in eye care and will help a lot of people including children.


Age old devices to diagnose vision problems are cumbersome and can be used only by professionals. Pediavision and Bresslergroup together designed this device. Spot is a Wi-Fi enabled hand held device with a touchscreen. It uses infrared light, software algorithms and high-end optics to detect vision problems like myopia, long sightedness, amblyopic precursors and astigmatism. The user-friendly device makes readings accurate and precise.

The touchscreen interface shows accurate results. The design of this device helps users to operate it easily without any complications or problems. Spot is very popular and is used in medical camps to find out vision problems in both children and adults, especially in the not so well off neighborhoods. Ignorant parents who are also poor will not be aware of vision problems and its disabling after-effects. This device is a breakthrough invention that helps many people who cannot afford to visit clinics or hospitals. Diseases like amblyopic precursors which can lead to blindness are also diagnosed with the device.

Via: Dexigner

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