Sponsored Video: The ICS upgrade adds more ‘stars’ to the Galaxy Note

There’s been a slight change in the “prescription” pattern of smart devices of late. A budge has been witnessed from the laptop “syrups” to their miniature counterparts, the “Phablet.” With more and more versatility being packed into smaller devices, it’s only natural to witness the “market pie” being sizably shared by these small yet efficient counterparts. Samsung must be accredited with making their phablets highly ergonomic. The Galaxy Note is a highly appreciated device from Samsung, which apart from being a tablet is a phone as well. A combination as such is still a rarity in the market. What’s more, Samsung is offering a substantial upgrade for the device. From a highly friendly GUI to a rich multimedia experience, the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) upgrade is a pleasure to own. The new features have been elucidated below.

This unique update for all Galaxy Note devices, which basically is an ICS upgrade, will give all Galaxy Note owners an edge over the competition, making their device quite different from the others. We’ve seen manufacturers develop their own UIs over the Android platform like the Mobile Bravia Engine by Sony and the Sense UI by HTC. However, the Premium Suite, which Samsung is offering with the ICS upgrade, is quite different and gives users a way to communicate with the device more freely. Inclusions such as write to text which we have seen on some other devices running Android, is better optimized due to the inclusion of the S Pen.

Moreover, features such as capturing ideas directly from the homescreen, and the option to write a letter or a card and make multimedia albums to share with your family and friends, are definitely unique and add more fun to the Android OS.

So, if you’re looking for something different in your Android, Samsung Galaxy Note’s Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade with Premium Suite is all you need.

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