Spin and play MP3 player for music on the go


Coming from the house of S.Electrics, known for their youthful electrical and digital devices, the S.MP3 by French designer Nicolas Cinguion is an innovative music player that plays green music anytime, anywhere. Looking like a regular yo-yo toy, the latest MP3 player comes with a cable, rolled within a rubber cover, (possibly) to juice it up on the go. All you have to do is spin the player and play your favorite music. When the string of the player is stretched, the resultant energy is converted into useful electricity, which then charges the built-in batteries. The designers doesn’t state the time of yo-yo-ing required to completely charge the battery, but the idea seems practical and neat for all who like to play with their gadgets.

s mps 03
s mps 04

Via: Cinguino

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