Spiky headphone warns trespassers ‘not to disturb’

Music buffs don’t like to get disturbed when they are engrossed in their world of sonic rapture. So, Joe Doucte has come out with a perfect set of headphones for all those who like to lose themselves in the world of melodious notes and thumping beats. Not only does this headphone block you out from everything around, it also sends out a clear cut message to all trespassers i.e. to leave you alone when you are tuned into your audio equipment. The headphone has an extraordinary and striking look to match with the unique thought that went into its making.

OneSense Headphones

The spiky headphone comes in a vibrant red color and has to be worn not on your ears but around your eyes instead, just like you would wrap a blindfold over your eyes. It makes quite a statement and looks absolutely smashing. The spikes jutting out all over the surface lend it a brutish appeal. The spikes and red color used in the design have been inspired from the illustrations of defense and warning seen in nature.

Dubbed as OneSense, the thought behind the marvelous creation is as unique as the product. Most of the technological contraptions today keep all our senses engaged. As a result, there is hardly time to breathe in this hi tech age where gadgets beep, ring and bleep every second. Sometimes, the racket is so much that it turns into a bedlam. But, this product is something different and represents restful serenity and tranquil calm over all the chaos and commotion prevalent in present days. It isolates the wearer from all sights and sounds in their surroundings and creates a peaceful retreat for them.

Via: Mocoloco

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