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Sphero Robotic Ball reinvents the ball for the iPhone generation

Remember the good old days when a ball (of any kind, even one made with an old, stuffed sock) could provide an endless variety of games to kids on summer afternoons? Well, those days are long gone and the over-stimulated kids of today would rather play with a virtual ball on a touchscreen display than a real real-life one in real time! To cater to this growing hoard of dumb kids who wouldn’t know what to do with a ball unless it came with an app and instructions, the Sphero Robotic Ball was created.

Sphero Robotic Ball

Basically a gaming device, the robotic ball works with phones using iOS and Android platforms and lets users manipulate the movement of the ball using the interface of a tablet, iPhone or any other smartphone. There are also apps that let you interact with the ball and play club-less golf if you don’t have friends or confuse your kitty or puppy by drawing paths on your tablet and making your ball roll on the ground along the projected path.

The Sphero robotic ball also supports single multi-player apps just in case you were getting worried it might be a bit too bland for your liking. Inside, the Sphero Robotic Ball features a tiny Orbotix Smart Robot protected by a polycarbonate shell that can withstand high-impacts while letting LED glow on the outer surface of its opaque body. The LiPo Battery inside the Sphero Robotic Ball takes 180 minutes to fully charge up and provides 60 minutes of play time.

Via: Think Geek

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