Sustainable seclusion: Sphere Hotel offers a unique retreat

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We have seen some most amazing structural designs in the recent past but the ‘Sphere Hotel,’ to be located somewhere between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will surpass all of it! Visitors to the hotel will access it by an aerial route as it’ll be constructed on an artificial island, about 300 meters away from the beach. The Sphere will feature 200 rooms in 14 floors that will comfortably accommodate about 1000 guests, together with public business zones, boutiques, restaurants, bars and numerous other entertainment areas.

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Design status:

The Sphere Hotel is a concept architectural design that aims to promote a healthy and comfortable holiday destination.


Apart from offering a secluded retreat in the very lap of nature, the Sphere will also promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. With moist beach air flowing across the structure, the Sphere will make use of natural air conditioning. While the hotel will exploit the natural light coming through the glass panels to light the rooms during the daytime, on the other, the thermal glass facade will generate adequate solar power to fulfill all energy requirements.

Via: Designspotter

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