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You’ll have to spend five years in gym to lift this Goliathon Steampunk Nerf Gun

It may not be anything more than a mere toy, but this modded Nerf Vulcan Blaster called the Goliathon is on heck of a deadly (looking) weapon. Fitted with all the embellishments essential to a Steampunk mod, the Goliathon apparently packs in all the ponies that a “full-size steam locomotive” has and is powerful enough to “turn a man inside out, down an airship or level a building,” in the realm of your imagination of course.

Steampunk Gun

Fitted with brass trinkets, a valve wheel, 4 gauges and copper piping, the heavily modified apocalyptic machination is a fine example of the Steampunk persuasion and the formidable gun makes the perfect accessory to a colorful imagination. Created by Professor T. Lemetry, the steel, brass and copper concoction spurred from the metaphorical loins of the automatic dart cannon Nerf Vulcan. The Goliathon stands 2 ½ feet in length and shames any of the other plastic rivals that are touted around in the world of collectors and bought and sold for sick sums of money.

For the Steampunk world, the gun is a fine accomplishment and a superb representative of the genre. The only real drawback of the design is that it doesn’t even let out a single peep and we would have loved it if its maker had throw in some audio fittings preferably with surround sound. If you’re interested in purchasing the Goliathon Steampunk Nerf Gun, you can check it out at the seller’s Etsy shop Steampunk 101 where it is sold for $350.

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