Brick steel and wood furniture is directionless
When it comes to furniture design, most regular home owners generally prefer their furniture to be functional and comfortable. But there are a few designers in the world who believe that furniture should be more than a comfortable and functional part of our homes- it should be a reflection of our hopes and dreams and desires and beliefs. As good and inspiring as it all sounds, this philosophy can sometime result in something that is utterly disastrous and just plain weird to look at. A prime example of this would be the collection of brick, steel and wood furniture called Spatz.


Brick steel and wood furniture
Brick steel and wood furnitureBrick steel and wood furniture

The brainchild of French furniture designer Fx Balléry, the collection comprises of a coat hanger and two tables which are made using wood and steel elements though they are supported via a stack of bricks! The bricks act as a counterweight and stabilize the furniture which would topple over without them. In true French fashion, the designer made the use of basic elements like steel rods, wooden blocks and plain old bricks look beautiful and interesting in the same way that gourmet chefs make plain old porridge look appealing to anorexic socialites.

As appealing as the line is, it is however not as practical as furniture that anyone would want to have in their rooms. Not only will the bricks make dusting a real pain, having one of them fall on your foot would be way more painful than having your toe stubbed by the wooden leg of a table! Having said that, the idea isn’t half bad for folks who have heirloom pieces in the homes with missing legs and want a cheap way to make them functional again. The furniture was created for the Particule 14 collective show called Brique it! that was a part of the 2012Paris Design Week’s Lieu du Design event.

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