Sparkling Flight green bath allows a refreshing dip in the midair

Sparkling Flight

Traveling by a personal aircraft is a luxury in itself, but what do you say about having a refreshing dip in a cozy bathtub in the midair? Huh, of course, an opulence beyond any imagination and definition! Developed in collaboration with Deal-Aircabin, the Sparkling Flight by German designer Iris Koser is a green bath interior for an airliner that personifies perfection in luxury, comfort and style.

Designed to be installed in Airbus A319, the elegant bath resembles a drop falling into still water and creating ripples all around. Simply a work of art, the luxury bath not only provides a revitalizing dip to onboard passengers but also helps in sustaining the environment, as it is crafted to keep the water conservation in mind, though in a bit optimistic and generous manner.

Drawing inspirationfrom the nature, i.e. a droplet falling from a leaf into a pond, the luxurybath also integrates an OLED mood light, around the fuselage, in the form of bluering that can change colors according to the mood of the user. Looking like theJapanese ZEN-stones, the comfy bath also includes a massage table that equallysupports the mesmerizing ripple design. Presenting a natural design, the greenbath simply creates an aquatic atmosphere for the passengers in the midair.

Via: Iriskoser-design

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