Spaceplates Greenhouse functions as a classroom and growing space

South Bristol Skills Academy situated in Bristol, UK, has got an all new image in the form of a special class room that will also act as a growing space for its horticulture students as well as teachers. Christened Spaceplates Greenhouse Bristol, the one of its kind greenhouse has been designed by Anne Romme (an architect from Copenhagen) in association with artists from N55 (a Danish group).

SPACEPLATES Greenhouse Bristol

Just like a greenhouse, even this design will unfurl a suitable environment for growing different kinds of plants, which may not survive in natural conditions that these are not used to. The environment inside the glass membrane is controlled and varies from the conditions that exist just outside its surface. The design is heavily based on the geometry of sea urchins, in which the geodesic grid present on the sphere is used to arrange the hexagons.

Spaceplates Greenhouse Bristol will prove to be quite beneficial for horticulture students and teachers, who are a part of the university, as it will let them grow as well as study the anatomy of different kinds of plants without the fear of alien climate conditions that may vary all through the year. The glass structure will be used all year round to grow plants and for seeding for outdoor gardens adjoining the area. The eye appealing structure has been fashioned out of 4mm laser plates that have been laser cut. The boarders of these aluminum plates are curved and locked together. It also comprises of acrylic windows that are fixed with EPDM rubber, like the ones found in old cars.

Spaceplates Greenhouse is quite rigid and light in weight. The self supporting structure is modular in nature and comprises of a lattice and plate design. Thin plates rule the design as it is a pure plate structure, which deletes the possibility of the presence of any additional structural elements. The mechanical assembly has been made effortless because the bent nature of plates, which is quite simple at the same time. The best part being, this attention grabbing structure can be put together using simple hand tools and without the need of any special machinery. The user designed structure comes smothered with minimalist details. No doubt it has a thin shell, but overall it ranks high on the strength graph. Being a pure plate structure, it looks very elegant and neat.

Efforts are being made to develop it further and incorporate insulated structures in the system. Seeing the benefits of Spaceplates Greenhouse in Bristol, an exactly same design will be made at Prags Have in Copenhagen. A good way to learn and give plants a suitable growing climate, the Spaceplates Greenhouse is sure to be of great help and learning arena.

Via: Bustler

  1. Julie

    Awesome! Is it available in the United States?

    March 25th, 2014 // Reply

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